Our passion for innovation leads us every day to develop new products and processes of fashion, focused mainly in the clothing market, seeking to give each garment a distinctive unique and exclusive.

Additionally our specialized products for the textile sector provide an excellent reliable and totally focused alternative to the protection of the environment.

Own Developments

    • DP_RUSTY_09
    • DP_DYEING_30
    • DP_SHINY_06
    • DP_DYEING_34
    • DP_SHINY_13
    • DP_RUSTY_05
    • DP_DYEING_04
    • DP_DYEING_02
    • DP_DYEING_01
    • DP_3DWHISKERS_05
    • DP_3DWHISKERS_04
    • DP_3DWHISKERS_03