Our experience in the market is based on 21 years of hard work. In 1991, after working for 25 years for the German multinational BAYER S.A. and being Manager of the specialties Department, our founder to an agreement with, to create a new company with technical and technological support from BAYER S.A. of Colombia and Bayer AG of Germany. Fruit of this idea is born to HERMA COLOR LTDA, initially taking the distribution of BAYER S.A. For the Colombian market.

In 1998, after 7 years of learning and successful work with BAYER S.A. and looking to expand the scope of the company, are followers search for new distributions, initially earning the company HISPANO chemistry of Barcelona Spain, signed later was sold to another business group, changing its name of PULCRA CHEMICALS, and which continue today to be their Distributor for the Colombian market, in the leather sector.


At the end of 2006, HERMA COLOR begins search for new distributions to diversify its product portfolio. Its goal of search focuses on finding companies that offer innovative products and differentiated; Thanks to this guideline we get the distribution of the GARMON FASHION CHEMICAL company of Italy, innovative company, recognized worldwide as a pioneer in the development of applications and processes of washing clothes. Continuing the expansion of our product portfolio we acquired the distribution of the NEOCOLOR company of Italy, company specialized in the manufacture of dyes for the sector Tanner, and equally MANUEL VILASECA company of Spain, for the graphic arts industry.

Thanks to this search, currently HERMA COLOR S.A.S. is recognized in the national and international market as an innovative company, which evolves every day, focused on offering new products with an emphasis on the development of new concepts of fashion.

Own Developments

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