Textile Trends

On January 4, 2013

Today fashion emerges thanks to new concepts, driven by constant changes in design, fibers, fabrics and processes, among others. These new trends required of all participants of the industry: textile, laundries, and houses chemicals, a joint effort to make inroads into new developments such as coatings, wrinkles 3D (without affecting the resistance of fiber), templates with a variety of textures, animal print with stick to foil, metallic iridescent, effects of brightness, easy wear dyeing, tie-dye effects and disguised both in color and in indigo, among others.

The evolution of the process seeks permanently be friendlier with the environment, using sustainable chemicals, which help to reduce the consumption of water, steam and time, reducing significantly the environmental impact. Also premium search of differentiation between garment and garment, so that the final consumer does not feel or see “uniformed”. Each “artisanal” process gives it life and personality to each garment.

Own Developments

    • DP_RUSTY_09
    • DP_DYEING_30
    • DP_SHINY_06
    • DP_DYEING_34
    • DP_SHINY_13
    • DP_RUSTY_05
    • DP_DYEING_04
    • DP_DYEING_02
    • DP_DYEING_01
    • DP_3DWHISKERS_05
    • DP_3DWHISKERS_04
    • DP_3DWHISKERS_03